Sunday, November 21, 2010

Plane Tuning, and my direct link with my American past ...

Hello Folks,

I would offer that the " hand tool " is something of a rare concept in today's shop:

I'm preaching to the choir, I guess, if you are reading this, your already a kindered spirit, I'm sure familiar with,if not proficient with the majesty of the hand tool. 
I realize  my approach to this project so far had been, " let's see how effective I can be in getting this done "
especially with the improvised thickness sander.
However, you have to be in the mood to sharpen tools, and if your using hand tools, that are not sharp you will skirt to some power tool to get the  job done.
I  must confess one of the reasons I bought a hand  electric planer was I thought it would be more efficient.

However,  if your going to persist in building musical instruments, the sooner you begin your journey toward hand tools the better.

My Grandfather and Uncle were both carpenters, the long Jack plane I am attempting to restore was my Uncle's at the very least.....curious though it seems, not that high of quality, seems cast, and painted for Gossh sakes!!!  It was the plane I used as fence to rough thickness sand the ribs..
The last pictures represent  a nice little " knuckle plane " probably 50's vintage I bought at a flea market for $ 10 .
It is the first plane I have restored to usable condition, and the one I  will fine tune to finish this project.

Although I have shined up my Uncle' plane it is difficult to get the blade even!!!!!

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