Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Thickness sanding the ribs to rough dimension

Hello Folks,

Well efforts continue, I had intended to build a thickness sander, but after evaluating time and cost, I came up with a cheaper version, and since I intend to final thickness the ribs by hand this method worked just as well....
although a little research has turned up all manner of great tools that could take the ribs to final thickness....
here is an example

Tool building is obviously an art in itself, another site of interest is
at this site there are several 10 min plus videos on how to tune a hand plane, mixing hide glue,
Japanese planes etc. well worth checking out.
I still intend to build a thickness sander, but since it started to rain this evening I got these ribs rough sanded just in time.
The final thickness for each rib is 1.6mm or roughly .062 of an inch, I was able to get the ribs between .080 and .120 of an inch or 2mm to 3.5mm something like that, I should be able to finish planing to thickness with a scraper.
I basically took a 3inch drum sander and mounted it in my drill press, then I took an old jack plane, removed the blade and used that as fence to sand the rib against, homely little set-up, but it worked.
Here are the pics, I did burn one rib, but I changed the sanding drum from 100grit to 80 grit and this took care of the problem.

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